In Their Own Words.
The stories below have been supplied by ex-passengers and crew of the S. S. Australis, I hope you enjoy reading the different stories.
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 Read John Proffitt's account of the fire on the Australis in 1970, northbound John Proffitt’s memoirs of Fire on board S.S. Australis in 1970

 A new story from an ex-passenger who travelled in 1974: Glenn Martin's Northbound Adventure in 1974

  Wayne Jacksons story of his trip on the Australis in 1977: Memories of the cruise

  Ex-Stewardess writes about her time working on the S. S. Australis in 1976: Ex-Crew Member Josie Worked As A Stewardess

  Read Pat Pettett's account of the fire on the Australis in 1970: Pat Pettett's Story of the Fire in 1970.

  Robert Toet recalls the fire on the Australis during a Toastmaster speech: Robert Toet's story “Drill or No Drill”.

  Lorraine and Rod left Southampton in February 1974 bound for New Zealand: Lorraine and Rod`s southbound trip to New Zealand.

  In 1970 William Palk returned to the UK on the Australis: William Palk's northbound journey on the Australis.

  Vangel Cvetkovski's emigrated to Australia in 1969: Vangel Cvetkovski's adventure on the SS Australis.

  Roger Harris travelled Northbound on the maiden voyage: A Cable & Wireless engineers cruise story.

  A short story as told by John McAleer: Recollections of the S.S. Australis, 27 years on.

  Story and pictures from ex-passenger Lee Corpe: Ex-passenger Lee Corpe tells her Australis experience.

  David Ross` account of his 1974 voyage: Story and pictures by David Ross.

  Wolfram Dallwitz's tells us his story: Wolfram Dallwitz aboard the SS Australis in 1970.

  Read an ex-crew members story from 1969: Keith Weaver recalls his ship-board memories.

  A short story and pictures from an ex-passenger: Maureen Amor tells us her story.

  Keith Hackney travelled southbound from Southampton: Keith Hackney recollects his voyage on the Australis.

  John Newton remembers the fire on the Australis in 1968: John Newton recalls the fire of 1968.

  Ex-passenger Alan Monroe remembers his journey on the Australis in 1971: Alan Monroe's Story.

  Victor Willms recalls his Northbound journey on the Australis: Victor Willms interesting story from 1976.

  Commander D. Burling was on the USS West Point (America\Australis), read his story: Commander D. Burlings story.

  Ian Byard was the Senior Berthing Officer for Chandris Lines: Ian tells us of his involvement with the ship.

  Kirsten Hawkes was just six when her family decided to emigrate from Denmark to Australia: Read Kirstens story here.

*Many thanks to the people who have contributed so far*

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Welcome all visitors to the S.S. Australis Website, which has now been online since 1998!

I will continue to update the site if I receive a new story, or if you have interesting photos taken on the ship during your voyage on either the southbound, northbound, or on one of the South Pacific cruises. We used to do those trips several times a year from Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland (New Zealand).

I am deeply moved by the interest and wonderful contributions from the numerous passengers and crew over many years.

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