The Life & Death of the "America"

The pictures on this page were taken from a French video documentary called "Vie Et Mort De L'America". The film was produced by Oliver Guiton in 1996.Once the pride of America, the former S. S. America\West Point\Australis\Italis and Noga, was now just left to rust away in a bay near Athens for 10 years before she was sold to a Taiwanese Company to be turned into a Floating Hotel. Wadie N'Seir purchased the ship in 1984, but, did not use her straight away as his intentions were to take her to Beirut, Lebanon and turn her into a floating Hotel, but he could not put her there because of the growing tensions in that country. He was afraid he would lose her if he went to that country. She lay idle for almost ten years with several ideas for her future coming to mind, one of them was the US Government wanted to buy her and turn her into a prison ship on the Hudson River near New York. Ten years on and she lay rusting away in Eleusis Bay, in that time she almost sank several times. But by the end of 1992 Wadie N'Seir had had enough and decided to sell her on to a Company in Thailand who were once again going to turn her into a floating Hotel.

She was made sea worthy and changed her name to "American Star", this was her last time at sea as on her way to Thailand her tow ropes broke and after drifting for a day she ended up on a beach in the Canary Islands.
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You can read the Steamboat Bill article here.

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The film was a co-production with:

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Picture 1.

The America\West Point\Australis\Italis\Noga now becomes the Alferdoss.

Picture 2.

The Main Lounge are-deco doors.

Picture 3.

The murals were situated in one of the restaraunts.

Picture 4.

Buckled metal on the Promenade deck aft.

Picture 5.

Picture was taken inside the bridge.

Picture 6.

View from the Smoke Room.

Picture 7.

Cocktail Bar area.

Picture 8.

Photo taken on deck.

Picture 9.

One of the side rooms on Promenade deck, maybe the Card Room!!

The pictures above are of her laid up in Eleusis Bay, Greece and are taken from a French tv documentary.

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I am deeply moved by the interest and wonderful contributions from the numerous passengers and crew over many years.

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