Lee Corpe's Picture Gallery.
Lee's voyages on the Australis in 1967 and `68, are still remarkably clear even thirty five years later. She wonders how many ex-passengers spot themselves amongst other peoples photo's on the site. Lee's brother came across to Australia on one of the famous " spaghetti boats" as they were then called, yet he doesn't have such fond memories of his four weeks on board. When she asked her mother recently to dig out photo's of the Australis she was surprised to find her mothers memories of that time as sharp as her own. "Do you remember Harry Hogarth?" she asked, "He used to play Edelweiss on the organ in the Main Lounge". Amazing Lee thought, her mothers memories are as sharp as Rose's in Titanic, such a pity there's no huge sapphire down there at the bottom of the ocean to complete the picture.

Lee is often amazed to think that she only has the same time left as her folks - since their arrival in Australia. She ponders why is it that the second half of our life goes by so much quicker than the first? There's a picture of Lee's nephew and niece at the children's fancy dress party. As you can see they are covered in black crepe paper (it doesn't look black but it was ), hard hats with pretend torches on top. The look on their little faces is priceless. Only 3 and 4 and half years old at the time - the little darlings were terrified.

Lee has often spoken with regular people regarding the Australis and its websites ( by regular she means non ex passengers). She instantly notices there is a lack of real interest when she mentions certain events, cocktail parties, deckchair riots etc. She truly believes that you had to be on the Australis yourself to really understand why it meant so much to so many of us and why we remember things so clearly. Lee feels privileged to have sailed on her.
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Read Lee's story of her trip on the Australis: Read Lee Corpe's Story.

Many thanks to Lee Corpe for her contribution to the site

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I am deeply moved by the interest and wonderful contributions from the numerous passengers and crew over many years.

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