The American Star Conversion.
Arminio Lozzi is an Interior designer\architect and has worked on many projects including the reconversion of the American Star in 1993. He has also helped on many Celebrity Cruise refurbishing programs as well as other Greek cruiseship and ferry conversions. Arminio sat in with the Thai owners and exchanged many ideas, one of them was the name: American Star, which he drew up and designed the A of "Star" to be a star. As a grand hotel\business center type ship, he proposed a glass-towered elvator/lift on the exterior that would have reached all levels, with a helicopter pad either on top or nearby. There would have been a lot of attention given to children's needs and pleasure as well. Now living and working in Greece, Arminio cannot believe that the American Star is wrecked on a beach in the Canaries, "that was a fat period at the end of an unfinished paragraph in my life" remarked Arminio.

Interested in more details about the ship? You can read the history of the America/Australis by clicking on this link History Part One.

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Below are a few plans and drawings of the proposed cabins from the American Star floating hotel project. Also sent by Arminio is the Italis' accomodation plans.

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Drawing of the proposed cabin design for the American Star. Another artists view of a cabin. Drawing of the whole cabin.
Accomodation plans for the Italis (America\Australis). Second plan of the Italis. First part of a huge plan of the American Star supplied by Arminio Lozzi, architectual interior designer.
Drawing of the middle section of the ship. Next part of the ship drawing sent to me by Arminio Lozzi. Aft section taken from a drawing of the American Star.

The photos, plans and drawings above are courtesy of Arminio Lozzi.

Arminio Lozzi was the interior Architect\Designer on the American Star floating hotel project in Eleusina, Greece, during most of 1993. Born in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. He later lived and worked in California, mostly at the Hanna-Barbera studios where he did the backgrounds for all the first cartoons and also contributed stories. One notable achievement is that he actually created the Flintstone's Dino the Dinosaur.

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Regretfully I am "running down" the S. S. Australis website due to increasing family and health issues.

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I know there are still stories to share from ex-crew all over the world, who haven't yet been in touch.

I am deeply moved by the interest and wonderful contributions from numerous passengers and crew over many years.


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