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John Newton sailed on the Australis, voyage 13 southbound from Southampton down the African coast to Cape Town, South Africa, in 1968. He clearly remembers the fire on board and the resulting mutiny in Cape Town, because the captain threatened to take the ship back out to sea without adequate repairs. All the waiters marched off to protest on the dock, some passengers were flown on to Australia, but he stayed on the ship. John and his family stayed in port for 5 days whilst she was repaired, this was quite an adventure for a 15 year old. The ship finally sailed to Fremantle, Western Australia. A few years later John introduced his wife to this wonderful ship, they honeymooned on the Australis in 1975. They sailed northbound on voyage 51, from Fremantle via the Panama Canal. John has many fond memories of the Australis, below are a few pictures of himself and his wife during his second trip on the ship, sometime in October 1975.
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Please read John's story as told in his own words: John Newton's trip on the australis.

The pictures above are courtesy of John Newton.

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Regretfully I am "running down" the S. S. Australis website due to increasing family and health issues.

I may occasionally update the site if I receive a great story/photos from ex-crew only, if it is a new contact.

I know there are still stories to share from ex-crew all over the world, who haven't yet been in touch.

I am deeply moved by the interest and wonderful contributions from numerous passengers and crew over many years.


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