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I was pleased to hear from an ex-crew member and friend of mine, who worked on the S. S. Australis as a Stewardess for three months in 1976. She was really excited as her father waved her off from Southampton. Josie was shown to her cabin, which was on "C" deck (below water level). She shared with 7 other girls, and they got on really well together considering that they were tight for space. Their names were Mary, Jackie, Pauline and Jill, Josie cant remember the others girls names.

Josie was given uniforms and a lifejacket, and was told to be ready for a lifeboat drill. Her first meeting of the passengers was at the Captain's Cocktail Party, where they had a photo taken of her with other crew members, stood in a line holding trays of food. They worked 6 days a week carrying the trays around so that they could serve drinks and collect empty glasses on them. Shifts would often go on till late at night, and when they were finished Josie would make a beeline for the bakery for some hot rolls to eat, and possibly go to a party (or two!).

Josie recalls that on their day off they weren't allowed to go anywhere on the boat except between the funnels to sunbathe. With all the black smoke bellowing out the funnels it was hard to get a good sun-tan. She has lost contact with her friends from that trip, and would love to hear from anyone who remembers her. You can contact Josie on the link below.

Josie can be contacted on this e-mail address:Josie King

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You can read Josie's story as told in her own words on this link: Josie was a Stewardess on the ship

Many thanks to Josie for her contribution to the site

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Welcome all visitors to the S.S. Australis Website, which has now been online since 1998!

I will continue to update the site if I receive a new story, or if you have interesting photos taken on the ship during your voyage on either the southbound, northbound, or on one of the South Pacific cruises. We used to do those trips several times a year from Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland (New Zealand).

I am deeply moved by the interest and wonderful contributions from the numerous passengers and crew over many years.

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