A Tribute to Jim from his brother Jack


On the 13th of November 2006 my brother James Galloway, or Jimmy as some of you knew him, was finally laid to rest. I would like you to know that he fought through his illness with great courage and dignity.  What kept his spirit so alive was the love for his two daughters, Katie and Rosie and his dear friends who had once sailed with him on the open seas.

One of those dear friends, Maureen Thyer (or Mo, as Jim loved to call her) he’d say: “Get Mo, she’ll sort it out, she’s a class act!” 

And she sure is!  She would stay by him always, right to the end. She fought and fought for him. She got him from a place of darkness into light, to a place called Dene Barton. It was there that I would see him for the last time. I sat with him in the garden and I remember how he looked up at thesky, took in a deep breath and said how good it was to breathe the fresh air and feel it on his face – Something so simple yet now priceless to a man, who when young had stood on the deck of one of these great ships and looked out across the vast ocean to the horizon far beyond. Mo, how can I ever thank you!

My brother was a journey man. They say if you journey long enough you’ll find what you’re looking for. You’ll find the most precious gift of all – you’ll find yourself. I believe my brother did when he sailed on those great ships.

He would come home and tell me he had found the best pals in the world.

Again, thanks to Mo who would not let my brother go without a great send off, I got a gift. I got to meet some of his old pals. They made me laugh as they shared their memories and told tales of their times at sea. And they gave me back my brother, the brother I always knew.

Thank you all for your love and kind words.

Jack Galloway

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Here is a poem by Emily Dickinson which I would like to dedicate to Jimmy and to all his fellow voyagers.          


EXULTATION is the going of an inland soul to sea, 

Past the houses, past the headlands, 

Into deep eternity! 


Bred as we, among the mountains,       

Can the sailor understand 

The divine intoxication 

Of the first league out from land?           



Bon Voyage Jimmy






     First trip to Aust on the Empire Brent                              Jimmy falling in love with shipboard life








Hey Vicky, Jim got the girl…                     …And I got the jumper!

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I am deeply moved by the interest and wonderful contributions from the numerous passengers and crew over many years.

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