Fiji Times Newspaper Clippings

Thomas Petersen was on the Australis in October 1970 when the ship caught fire at 3 a.m. just off the coast of Fiji in the South Pacific. Below are a few newspaper clippings from the Fiji Times about the incident, which Thomas has kept since then.
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Links To The Fiji Times Newspaper Clippings.

  1. Special Notice Number 1,
  2. The Fiji Times, 23-10-1970.
  3. Special Notice Number 2, 24-10-1970
  4. The Fiji Times, 24-10-1970.
  5. The Fiji Times, 24-10-1970.
  6. The Fiji Times, 24-10-1970.
  7. Fiji Hotel Dinner Menu, 24-10-1970.
  8. Special Notice Number 3, 25-10-1970
  9. The Fiji Times, 27-10-1970.
  10. A Picture Postcard Of The Australis

Many thanks to Thomas Petersen for his contribution to the site.

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Link to another page from the Fiji Times Newspaper.

Read another Fiji Times newspaper clipping sent to me by an ex-passenger.

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