A Tribute Page To Bill Borg
Photo of Billy Borg.
Photo of Bill Borg.
Photo of Billy Borg.
Photos of Billy Borg (courtesy of Doug Till).
WH(Bill) Borg.

Sadly, Bill Borg the Crew Manager for Chandris Lines in the late 60's to the mid 70's has died. He will be unknown to many who joined the Chandris ships in the late 70's when Dicastopoulis was in charge, but to older crew members like myself, he was the one that made the Chandris years of my life possible. Thanks to Bill, I had 13 years of seeing the world and meeting people, some who, even after 30 years are still friends. I think it would be fair to say that without Bill's support, few of us would have made it as far as Las Palmas on our first trip. Now Bill has gone as have all the ships he sent us on, but like those ships, he will be remembered as part of a great period of our lives.


Jimmy Galloway,
Master at arms/Inventory Officer.


Many thanks to Jim Galloway for this tribute.

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